Being a JV..

So, as the partner of an MBA student, I’m a “JV”.  While it’s not a term I’m super fond of, it does offer a few great perks.  One of the best is being able to “audit” or sit in on classes.  Although not all Professors include JV’s in their classes because of numbers, some reserve spots specially for them. This is great, particularly when a lecturer is a “rockstar” because you get to experience the magic. The students themselves each get allocated a particular number of points each quarter, and have to “bid” on classes with their allocated points. Classes with “rockstar” Professors can sometimes go for almost a person’s entire point allocation. Which brings me back to why it’s great to be a JV sometimes – I can sit in on classes without having to do any of the allocated work, and experience extremely high quality lecturers. The fact that I’m prohibited by the US government from working also means that I can attend day classes, which feature some of the best Professors. This quarter I’m auditing Marketing Strategy, Operations and Education Reform. I never thought I would ever find business so interesting…


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